Programming Changes effective January 16, 2017

There will be no changes to the main Vermont PBS channel or Vermont PBS Create.


New: Vermont PBS Kids Channel!

On January 16, we’re launching the Vermont PBS Kids channel, a 24/7 broadcast and simultaneous online streaming service dedicated to PBS children’s programming. Vermont PBS Kids gives families the flexibility to access quality children’s programming whenever and wherever they want, via TV, computer, smartphone or tablet. Online stream only available in USA. It’s the quality you trust from PBS Kids in a format that works for you! (OTT access coming soon!) 

View Vermont PBS Kids' Page to Watch and Additional Resources!


Changes to Vermont PBS World / Vermont PBS Plus

Vermont PBS Kids will take over the channel position currently held by Vermont PBS World.

Because we know that the World channel has been an important source of news and public affairs programming for our viewers, much of the content currently available on World is being migrated to Vermont PBS Plus

As of January 16, much of the programming previously available on World can be seen on the Vermont PBS Plus channel seven day a week:


For the full Vermont PBS Plus schedule, click here.

For an overview, please download our Vermont PBS Plus Schedule Overview


There will be no changes to the main Vermont PBS channel or Vermont PBS Create. Our main channel will continue to inlcude programming for kids.

Where are these channels located?

Download our Vermont PBS Channel Finder for info on cable and over the air locations.

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Kids' Club

Watch our Vermont PBS Kids' 24/7 channel. Enjoy the benefits of joining our Kids' Club! Explore our many free videos, games, and resources for educators and parents!

Montreal Minutes - MTL375

Montréal's 375th celebration combines history, heritage, art, and culture for a year of events. We offer a taste of Montréal in our Montréal Minutes and MTL375 interviews and travels in the city.

Come Meet Curious George at the University Mall

Come Meet Curious George at the University mall, Friday August 11, in the center court from 1 - 3 pm

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